Member of the Week: Dahmere Epperson


Dahmere Epperson is a member of WZIP. He is involved with the Music Programming team along with being a member of the On-Air Talent. His outgoing personality radiates through the mic, so some of you may recognize him by his DJ name, DJ EzD! Dahmere is the host of The Late Night Local Talent, which features local artists and bands in the Akron area. His positive attitude and drive to do the best is what every member of WZIP should aspire to be like. Dahmere loves the huge platform WZIP offers where everyone has the opportunity to show their skills and to become a professional.

Dahmere’s career goal is to work for a Sirius XM radio station.  His advice to new members of WZIP is to find what interests you most and to follow your path in order to make yourself happy. There are so many opportunities that WZIP offers, so finding what suits you most is beneficial. Remember to catch Dahmere live on air from 7 to 11pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.